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School Risk Management Plan
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School Risk Management Planning

Purpose of the Plan

School safety requires efficient and coordinated information and activities among school staff, first responders, law enforcement, and emergency managers. The purpose of the School Risk Management Plan is to document pertinent data and proesses that will be used by a school to prevent, mitigate, respond and recovery from different hazards and threats.

The SRMP Application

The School Risk Management Plan application is a web-based, wizard-style tool that guides school officials, in concert with first responders, law enforcement and emergency management, through the creation of a digital school risk management plan. The wizard style tool facilitates and documents data and information regarding a school's profile, pertinent assets and vulnerabilities, and procedures for various natural hazards and threats. Completed plans are efficiently stored and can be exported by the plan author.

The SERA Application

The State Emergency Response Application (SERA) is a web-based, secure application designed to assist first responders, law enforcement and emergency managers in efficiently responding to hazards and threats at school facilities. Leveraging data and information documented in SRMP, SERA efficiently presents profile and process information and spatially displays school floor plans, key assets and vulnerabilities. Access to SERA is based on the State's NCID system and is administered by NCEM.